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Brick making machine

     The Brick making machine uses the hydraulic transmission , design reasonable , stable performance high pressure , high production efficiency , beautiful appearance , simple operation convenient , labor saving and time saving ,labor saving ground brick , then atacking 8-15 layer , without supporting .

 The electric control cabinet with automatic and manual for a tank technology , to achieve the automatic palte in the production of the sudden failure of the case ,to ensure normal production .
 The upper and lower pressure four bar using o molding box , cloth feeding and rotation technique to cloth fast stable in place. The body by high strength steel and special welding process , the easy open welding fracture , extremely durable.
 The mold after finishing lathe , using carbon dioxide arc welding technology , to achieve a solid , not broken , not deformation .Paul brick specification accuracy .
 The use of a machine the replacement of mold can produce different specifications of the porous brick , hollow bricks , planting grass brick , brick road and revetment brick and other cement goods 
The raw materials to good performance , advanced hydraulic transmission technology , can use a plurality of multiple(weste ash , waste , construction wasted , river sand , stone powder , perlite )products, high strength , good compactness .Frost resistance , sound insulation , heat insulation,good hezt preservation performance .

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