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Aggregate Bunker

Aggregate Bunker



The aggregate bunkers produced by our company have a 30 to 600 m3 product capacity in general. In our products with full automation system, materials are taken out through automatic doors

What are Concrete Plant Aggregate Bunkers?

Aggregate bunker is a kind of stocking tool designed for stocking and holding ready to use aggregate materials required for concrete batching plants. Concrete Plant Aggregate Bunkers allow the weighing of different lengths of materials before the preparation of the concrete mixture and sending them to the concrete mixer. It can be produced with pneumatic gates and weighing belts. There are options from 5m3 to 50 m3, and they can be produced in groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5.
For bigger companies, these machines are specially designed for all types of aggregates needed to obtain ready-mixed concrete. The aggregate bunkers, which are fixed in any location within the facility, are stored without damaging the material inside even in the most difficult climate conditions. These machines have different compartments according to the size and type of the aggregates used and can be produced in different capacities depending on the amount of material that will be stored.

Aggregate Bunker

Aggregate Batching System


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