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Self Loading Concrete Mixers

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Product Overview

Haomei offer self loading concrete mixers 1.2-6.5m3 automatically produce and transport concrete on-site for its self-loading design, it is really efficient! Applications include urban and rural construction, concrete pavement maintenance, bridge and tunnel, township-level highways, foundation, national defense facilities, high-speed railways construction, etc.

Model 1.2m3 1.8m3 2.6m3 3.2m3 4m3
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 6400×2550×2650 7300×2600×2650 7800×2720×3000 7830×2680×3300 7500×2850×3500
Wheelbase (mm) 2400 2650 2800 2900 2400
Weight (kg) 4185 5666 6500 7200 9000
Drive Form Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter
Top Speed (km/h) 30 30 30 30 35
Maximum Grade 30° 30° 30° 30° 30°
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 4700 5270 5300 5300 4800
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 280 280 380 380 330
Engine Model Quanchai 4B2-75m22 4100 Yunnei supercharger Yuchai 4102 pressurized Yuchai 4105          pressure boost Yuchai YCD4J22G
Rated Power (kw) 55 78 78 85 85
Transmission Model ZL-265 gearbox ZL-265 power shift gearbox ZL-280 power shift transmission ZL-280 power shift transmission ZL-280 power shift transmission
Gear 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back
Fuel Tank (L) 63 63 75 75 230
Total Hydraulic System Capacity (L) 63 63 75 75 170
Oil (L) 16 16 16 16 16
Reducer KY07-2-0 HJ80-43 HJ80-43   KY07-5-J
Pump FC 50/40 FC 50/40 CBG9 2050/2032   Parker pump
Motor BM5-160 BM5-160 BM5-160   HAA2FM56/61W-VTD527
Water Tank Capacity (L) 400 400 500   660
Water Supply Time relay Time relay Time relay   Time relay


Drawing self-loading mixer Features

One of the important features of a self-loading mixer is its easy operation. Because of its self-loading design, it can automatically produce and transport concrete on-site.
Other features of a self-loading concrete mixer are mentioned below. 1. A self-loading concrete mixer is a multi-functional machine that is capable of self-loading all the concrete ingredients, mix, transport, and discharge.
2. Self-loading concrete mixer generally possesses a four-wheel-drive system that gives high traction to help the machine work in very soft clay site conditions.
3. It has a hydraulic-driven drum that offers high rotation that facilitates effective mixing operation. Once the mix is ready the drum can be lifted for fast and effective discharge of concrete.
4. The self-loading mixer has a metal bucket that enables the operator to load raw material to the drum.
5. The loading and mixing operations, the speed, and direction of the drum are all controlled from the cabin of the truck
6. A self-loading concrete mixer can be easily loaded in big trucks and transported to any long-distance construction site. This feature makes it suitable for small, narrow, and isolated construction sites.

Why Choose Haomei Machinery.
  • Technologies:Top polishing technology guarantees good luster and smooth surface.
  • Markets:Obtain market sharing all over the world.
  • Equipment:Advanced cutting line to provide a wide range of specifications.
  • Production capacity:25 to 180m3/h.can be customized to meet any demand of the products raised by our customers.
  • Employees:Over 25 sale persons to provide good service for customers.
  • Responsibility: Engaged in charity donation and provide eco-friendly products.
Packaging and Delivery of Haomei.

1. Standard seaworthy container 20 GP or 40 GP ,40 HQ according to configuration ;
2. With wires for fastening the machine and frame structure inside the container ;
3. The electric items and installation components packed with strong and standard packages.

  • self-loading mixer
  • self-loading mixer
  • self-loading mixer
  • self-loading mixer
  • 1. What Is The Difference Between Self Loading Mixer And Batching Plant?
    1. Self loading concrete mixer for sale is like a mini mobile concrete batching plant, can finish the whole concrete production process.
    2. Compared with the batching plant, investing in a self loading transit mixer is much more profitable. It will save a lot of cost, such as, construction site cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, even, if you want to build another project in different construction site, operator can drive self loaded concrete mixer away at anytime.
    3. While mobile concrete batching plant can’t, although it is easy to install and disassemble, process of installation and disassemble will cost you much. Such a multi-function self loading concrete mixture, it only needs one driver, come on to choose the right type for your business!
  • 2.What Is The Difference Between Self Loading Mixer And Concrete Mixer Pump?
    1. Self-loading mixers are generally used for horizontal projects, such as roads and parking lots. Concrete mixing pumps are generally used for vertical projects, such as high-rise buildings, and can also be used for horizontal projects, such as roads.
    2. For installation of self loading mixer, it is easier to change the field, and needs less operator, 1-2 people are enough. While the concrete mixer with pump requires 3-5 people to operate, and other equipment is required to tow away.
  • 3.Why Is It Safer To Use A Self-Loading Mixer?
    1. The double brake not only guarantees the fixed parking, but also guarantees the safety of the operator.
    2.Adopting an integral body structure. The advantage of this structural design is that when it is fully loaded, the center of the entire body will be in the middle of the four wheels, and the stability during operation is very good.

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